___05___ Two circles inscribed inside an isosceles triangle and a deltoid


A second feature of the “18 Silburyhill” formation regards the rings inscribed in the isosceles triangle.

2001 05 01

Following this intention, a circle can be drawn on the map, inscribed in the isosceles triangle created by the “19 Beckhampton-a” - “20 Oldshawvillage” - “21 Cliffordshill” formations.

Since there are two rings inside the “18 Silburyhill” formation, another circle can be drawn on the map. This second circle, equal to the first one, fits almost perfectly to the sides of the “deltoid” created by the “20 Oldshawvillage” - “21 Cliffordshill” - “28 Honeystreet”- “31 Woodboroughhill-b” formations.

2001 05 02


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