___04___ Honeystreet formation: another isosceles triangle


On the 4th of August another crop circle appeared in the Alton Barnes area: “uk _ 2001-08-04 _ 28 honeystreet”.

2001 04 01

Original image courtesy of Janet Ossebaard

2001 04 02

Once again, the triangle created by the “21 Cliffordshill” - “28 Honeystreet” - “31 Woodboroughhill-b” formations is similar to an isosceles triangle, this time a 18°-144°-18° isosceles triangle.

2001 04 03

Angle at “21 Cliffordshill” is 18.2°, angle at “28 Honeystreet” is 144.9° and angle at “31 Woodboroughhill-b” is 16.9°.

2001 04 04 Original images courtesy of Steve Alexander

With regard to the theoretical 18°-144°-18° isosceles triangle, the “31 Woodboroughhill-b” formation just shows 18 “standing elements”, excluding the inner and outer rings, whereas the “28 Honeystreet” formation shows 36 “standing elements”: 144 is quadruple of 36.

With the intention of considering a more precise 18°-144°-18° isosceles triangle, the “28 Honeystreet” formation would have to be moved a few meters towards the edge of the field. In 2001 season that part of the field wasn’t sowed.

2001 04 05


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