___02___ Old Shaw Village and Clifford's Hill formations: the first isosceles triangle


For days later, on the 28th of July a couple of new formations appeared not far from the Alton Barnes area.

The first one was “uk _ 2001-07-28 _ 20 oldshawvillage”:

2001 02 01

Original image courtesy of Werner Anderhub

The second one was “uk _ 2001-07-28 _ 21 cliffordshill”.

2001 02 02

Original image courtesy of Colin Andrews

Here they are, the two formations on the map.

2001 02 03

The triangle created by the “19 Beckhampton-a” - “20 Oldshawvillage” - “21 Cliffordshill” formations is similar to the triangle of the “18 Silburyhill” formation:

2001 02 04

Angle at “19 Beckhampton-a” is 51.2°, angle at “20 Oldshawvillage” is 63.9° and angle at “21 Cliffordshill” is 64.9°. These angles are very similar to those of the 64°-52°-64° isosceles triangle:

2001 02 05

Even the measures of the angles of the triangle of the “18 Silburyhill” formation can refer to the 64°-52°-64° isosceles triangle. In this case the measures of the angles are equal to 62,3° - 52,6° - 65,1°. Let’s consider the perspective distortion of the image, the sloping field and the inaccuracy of the flattening operations…

What about the characteristics of the “20 Oldshawvillage” and the “21 Cliffordshill” crop circles? Is there some relationship between the features of these formations and the theoretical 64°-52°-64° isosceles triangle?

The “20 Oldshawvillage” formation shows a 8-fold symmetry: 64 is the square of 8. More, excluding the inner ring, the number of the “standing elements” is 104: 104 is double of 52.

2001 02 06

Original image courtesy of Bert Janssen

The “21 Cliffordshill” formation shows a 2-fold symmetry: 64 is 26. More, excluding the outer ring, the number of the “flattened elements” is 52.

2001 02 07

Original image courtesy of Lucy Pringle

Even more, the “21 Cliffordshill” formation shows a small circle outside of the outer ring.

2001 02 08

The angle between the small ring and the major axis of the formation is equal to 52°!


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