This is a story about the relationship between some crop circles appeared in the 2001 season in Wiltshire, UK.

Check it out at Connections: 2001 season.

Formations appeared over the years in the Alton Barnes area have been added on the map.

Check it out at Alton Barnes Map.

At the moment it is possible to visualize the overlays of crop circles appeared in 2014, as well as all the formations which have been reported over the last 15 years in the area of Alton Barnes. Just like in google maps, you can surf the map and visualize it in different ways by means of the zoom... more...

Welcome to Crop Circle Stories where you can look at some history about crop circles and listen to some stories pertaining to the event itself. You can access updates on the latest formations of the season and other insights, news, opinions, ideas etc. by clicking "stories"... more...

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